Yamaha BDS667/671/1067/BDA1010

To hack these models for multi-region DVD playback you need a remote handset from one of the following models:

DSP‐Z7 / DSP‐Z11 / RX-A2010 / RX-A3010 / RX-V1900 / RX‐V2067 / RX-V3067 / RX‐V3900

  •  Turn the player on & remove any disc
  • Press the SETUP Button on the player remote control.
  • press SETUP on the Receiver Remote (Refer to Receiver manual for button location)
  • Select “EX‐IR” using either the UP/Down buttons and press Enter
  • Enter the code "7C"
  • Use the RIGHT button to move cursor to the right of the hyphen
  • Enter the code "CE"
  • Press ENTER & A blue ‘entry code’ screen should appear.
  • Type 69330 on the BluRay Remote and press ENTER
  • The Player will automatically POWER OFF
  • The Player will now play DVD’s from all regions
It is not possible to hack the player for Multi-Region BluRay playback

Yamaha DVDS520/530/830

  • Obtain a One for all 6-way Remote

  • Select DVD product

  • Press Magic 085

  • The Player should now display a series of dashes

  • Type 222222005255

  • Press Play

*NEW* A modification is available for these models in the DVD Remote Hacking Project

Yamaha DVDS540/550/560/557/559/657/659/661

  • Using the supplied handset Open the DVD tray from the front panel

  • Type 9999 then the required region number

  • Press Enter

Most discs will play in region 0 but some region 1 discs will only play in region 1

Yamaha DVDS795/795/996

  • These models require a software upgrade via CD-ROM & cannot be modified otherwise

Yamaha DVDS1500/2500

  • Switch on player

  • Press PLAY on the remote control

  • Type 274 222 222 005 255 on the remote control

  • Press PLAY on the remote control

Yamaha DVDS1700/2700

  • Switch on player

  • Open The Tray

  • Press CLEAR on the remote control

  • Type 2850 on the remote control

  • Press SUBTITLE on the remote control

  • Close the Tray

  • Switch off the player